Type 2 CS outlet 3 phases 32A

Delivered within 40 working days.
Reference: BS-EVSC003

32A Type 2 (IEC 62196-2)  Socket / Outlet (EV Charging Station End)

● Meet IEC 62196-2 2010 SHEET 2-llb (Mennekes, Type 2) EU European standard

● Nice shape and easy to use, protection class IP54(in mated conditions)


● 4 Point Fixing

● Reted current: 32A

● Working voltage: 240V AC

● Insulation resistance: > 1000M Ω

● Terminal temperature rise: <50K

● Withstand voltage: 2000V

● Contact impedance: 0.5 mΩ Max

● Vibration resistance: Meet JDQ 53.3 requirements

● Working temperature: -30°C ~+ 50°C

● Hinged Lid

● CE, TUV approved

Electronic Locking Solenoid is optional.


● Shell Material: Thermo Plastic ( Insulator inflammability UL94 VO)

● Contact Pin: Copper alloy, silver or nickel plating

● Sealing gasket: rubber or silicon rubber

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