Gigavac P115 Mini-Tactor Contactor

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Reference: Gigavac P115 Mini-Tactor

P115xDA series relay has a small, lightweight, and cost effective patented design. Hermetic seal ensures clean consistent contact environment. RoHS2 compliant. Make/Break switching to 1,200Vdc. Can be installed in any position. Capable of bi-directional switching. Perfect choice for pre-charge, charge and solar applications.

Coil Voltage:

Coil: select above 12, 24, 48 V
Max Current Rating: 50 Amps
Voltage Rating: 1200 Volts AC/DC
Type: SPST, Normally Open
Hermetically Sealed: Yes
Economizer: No

Gigavac P115 Mini-Tactor
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Gigavac P115 Manual

Features, Specifications, Current ratings, Dimensions etc

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