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Nissan Leaf Water Pump


Commonly referred to as water pump 1, this pump is located on the driver’s side of the engine bay next to the motor itself (refer to images for location). The fault codes associated with this pump are P31E8 and P31E9



Controlling the water pump

Via pin 3 (see attached files) you can control the speed of the pump. It requires a switched to ground PWM signal. Not all inputs are valid. See below table and graph for the correlation. The normal operating range is defined by the following formula RPM = 68,8 x PWM – 550.



(pwm %)


0 – 8

Invalid input

8 – 12


13 – 17

Invalid input

18 – 20


21 – 79

(65,8 x PWM – 550)

80 – 82


83 – 100

Invalid input

If you do not provide a normal input after a short startup and diagnostics time (4 to 7 seconds) the pump will start running at full speed.

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