Hella UP30

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Reference: 8TG009 286-001

The cost savings and energy advantages of conventional brake systems equipped with a pneumatic brake booster can also be applied to advanced vehicle technologies such as future downsized engines and hybrid/fuel cell vehicles by incorporating a vacuum pump. These pumps are able to supply the necessary vacuum independent of the engine technology. The UP30 supplies a vacuum to the brake booster, and when required, to the engine compartment actuators.




UP30/UP32 vacuum pump 
Operating temperature -40 °C to +120 °C
Maximum vacuum level 86% (under ambient pressure)

Pressure build-up time

(at 13 V and 4 l test volume) 

50% of ambient pressure: t ≤ 3.3 s/2.4 s

70% of ambient pressure: t ≤ 6.2 s/4.4 s

Pump operating time 1200 hours
Weight ~ 1.7 kg
SOP 2009
8TG009 286-001
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