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CAB 500-C/SP5

CAB 500-C/SP5

CAB 500-C/SP5

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CAB 500-C/SP5

The CAB family is for battery monitoring applications where high accuracy and very low offset are required.

It offers galvanic separation between primary circuit (high voltage) and the secondary circuit (12 V system).

Nominal Value: 500 A

Measuring Range:500 A

Second. Nominal Signal Value: Instantaneous CAN.c

Primary Signal: DC

Supply Voltage: External DC Unipolar

Supply Voltage Range: 8 - 16 V

Accuracy: 0.5 %

Op. Temperature: -40 °C / 85 °C

Technology: Open loop Fluxgate CAB type

Mounting: On primary fastening


Automotive Battery Management

Hybrid and electric vehicle battery pack

Conventional lead-acid batteries

Accurate current measurement for battery management applications (SOC, SOH, SOF, etc…).

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CAB 500-C/SP5
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CAB 500-C/SP5

CAB 500-C/SP5

CAB 500-C/SP5

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