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Hyper 9 DHV 180V 88kW

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Riferimento: SRIPM225-H9DHV

SRIP Dual Shaft Motor - 1.125" keyed Drive End Shaft, 1.125" keyed Encoder end Shaft, Wound for optimal performance with 144V input.

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This motor has an 8.66" diameter and weighs 120 lbs. The HyPer 9HV is a higher voltage version of our already impressive HyPer 9 Motor. This is a Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet motor which produces 163 lb/ft peak torque. This industry leading technology combines highly efficient and cost effective Synchronous Reluctance design with the torque producing forces of Permanent Magnets.


  • Double ended Shaft
  • Encoder End shaft and bolt pattern match the Commutator End of WarP 9 Motors
  • Brushless Motor
  • Cageless Rotor - Higher Efficiency, No Rotor Heat
  • No Rotor Slip
  • Up 8,000 RPM
  • Up to 95% Efficiency
  • Up to 50% higher torque than similar sized AC Induction motors running at the same power levels
  • Astounding performance in field weakening area with +50% power up to 5 times nominal speed
  • IP54 Protection
  • Robust and Reliable
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