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Contattore Gigavac GV200QA - Economizzatore esterno 48V

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We use this power contactor in our 48V 10kWh Luciole Powerwall, where the bms controls directly its 48V coil.

GIGAVAC’s GV Series contactors are among the most economical high performance sealed Power Contactors on the market today. A sealed solution is what most customers ask for when specifying a contactor that handle switching sizeable DC loads. With voltage ratings from 12Vdc to 1200Vdc GIGAVAC GV Series contactors are rated to switch loads in excess of 400 amps and interrupt short circuit currents to 3500 amps (voltage dependent). Like all GIGAVAC Advanced Switching Solutions these contactors can be mounted in any axis or orientation and are sealed to withstand virtually any harsh environment. All GIGAVAC GV Series power contactors meet RoHS and CE Conformance requirements.

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Max Current Rating: 4000 Amps
Current Rating: 400 Amps Continuous
Voltage Rating: 1000 Volts
Type: SPST, Normally Open
Hermetically Sealed: Yes
Economizer: No

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Gigavac GV200 Manual

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