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EV Dual Gauge (w/ warning) - 260 km/h Speedometer / Battery Level 101mm (4")


The 4" EV Dual Gauge (w/ warning) is a versatile instrument designed specifically for electric vehicles. This dual gauge combines two essential functionalities into a single compact unit. The first gauge features a high-precision speedometer with a maximum range of 260 km/h, providing accurate and real-time speed readings. The second gauge displays the battery level, allowing you to monitor the remaining charge of your electric vehicle's battery.

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With its 4" diameter, this dual gauge seamlessly integrates into most vehicle dashboards. Additionally, the gauge incorporates a warning system that alerts you to critical speed or low battery levels, ensuring optimal safety and performance. Stay informed about your vehicle's speed and battery status with the 4" EV Dual Gauge (w/ warning) for a confident and enjoyable driving experience.

Gauge Type: Speedometer
Signal Type: CAN-Bus (500 baud rate)
Range: 260 km/h
Range: 0-100%
Size: 4 inch
Hole Size: 3.95” (100mm)
Standard or Metric: Metric
Turn Signals and High Beam (optional): 12 Volt Activated
Battery Level warning light turns on below 15%

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