10/16A EVSE Portable Charger Schuko to Type 2

10A/16A Type2 Electric Vehicle Portable Charging Box ( IEC 62196-2 Standard ) With Schuko Plug

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10/16A EVSE Portable Charger Schuko to Type 2

10A/16A Type2 Electric Vehicle Portable Charging Box ( IEC 62196-2 Standard ) With Schuko Plug
Meet IEC 62196-2 (Mennekes, Type 2) EU European standard
Nice shape and easy to use, protection class IP66 (in mated conditions)

Compatible to Vehicles:

Audi A3 e-Tron, BMW i3, BMW i8, Chevrolet Spark, Mercedes B Class E-Cell, Mercedes S500 PHEV, Mercedes SLS EV, Mercedes Vito E-Cell Van, Porsche Panamera S PHEV, Volkswagen e-Up,Volkswagen e-Golf, Volvo V60 PHEV...

Notice: This charger unsuitable for RENAULT series !!!

IEC 62196-2 Standard (Mostly used in Europe);
Current: 10A/16A;
Voltage Range: 220V ± 10%;
Maximum power: 2.2KW/4KW;
Auto charge recovery: Yes;
Over current protection: Yes; 
16amp Cable 3G2.5 + 2 x 0.75mm
10,000 Mating Cycles; 
Cable Strain Relief Feature Insulated Terminal Design
Lights-indicates charging status
Operating Temperatures: -30° To +50° ; 
Cord Length: 18 Feet
Warranty: 1 Years; 
Smooth line design;

Product Feature

Automatic resumption of the charging process
For normal EV Charging Box, it is switched off after an error or power failure and must be reactivated manually. Therefore, when overnight charging is planned, the battery could still be empty the following morning.

But this is not the case with the BS-PCD019. The BS-PCD019 permanently tests the infrastructure-related voltage. If there is still any current at the wall socket, the BS-PCD019 initiates a test sequence, establishes communication with the vehicle and ensures a safe recharging of the vehicle battery.

Comprehensive protection system

Protective measures for BS-PCD019: Over-current protection, Over-voltage protection, Lightning protection, Electric leakage protection, and Short circuit protection. This is a device which can ensure a safe use for everyone.

Detecting faulty wiring

The intelligent BS-PCD019 also detects faulty wiring of the infrastructure-side socket and, in addition, controls the incoming protective conductor before charging begins.

Slender, practical and robust
Mode 2 charging cables never fail to convince with their appealing design. Thanks to the new enclosure format, the charging cable with integrated BS-PCD019 can be easily and compactly rolled up, since both bushes are fed out of the enclosure at an angle. Thus the charging cable requires less storage space.
The stable enclosure can be driven over by a car just like the charging connector and passes the test with a wheel load of 500kg. In practice the enclosure is exposed to more intensive environmental influences than plugs and connectors.
In day-to-day use, it is not out of the question for the enclosure to lie on the ground, covered in dirt, or even to be left in a puddle.


1. Don't submerge the ev charging box in water.
2. Don't step on, fold or knot the cable.
3. Don't drop the EV charging box or place a heavy object on it.
4. Don't place the charging cable near high temperature object when charging.
5. Don't operate the EVSE in temperatures beyond its operating range of -25°C to 55°C.
6. Power-supply side input cable should be at least 3*2.5mm (recommended 3*4mm), with a standard 16A socket. It is suggested that the power distribution is done by the professionals.


1. Don't put fingers into the charging connector when the power plug is still connecting to the power.
2. Don't use this ev charging box when the cable is damaged.
3. The ev charging box is only for ev charging using.
4. Don't use this device with an extension cord or adapter.

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