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1.5KW DCDC Converter EVPT DC25XX 220-450V


DC25XX is DC-DC converter adopted with advanced high frequency electronic converting technology, A high performance on-board DC/DC converter specially developed for electric vehicles.

Connectors included.

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The main features are:

(1) Input and output are completely electrically isolated, safe and reliable.

(2) The highest efficiency exceeds 94.5%.

(3) Small size.High power density.

(4) Multi-stage power conversion technology is adopted. Compatible with wide input voltage

range 80-180 V/200-450 V.

(5) Soft switching is used. And that Lost of the power device is reduced. The performance of the

product is greatly improved.

(6) High Peak Power, Strong overload capacity. Meet the requirements of impact load.

(7) Have the ability of CAN communications, LV enable control, HV sleeping function;

For full specification, check the product fact sheet.

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