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EV Dual Gauge (w/ warning) - Battery Temp 0-50C / Motor Temp 0-80C 85,725mm(3-3/8")


The EV Dual Gauge (w/ warning) is a specialized instrument designed for electric vehicles. It features two gauges with warning functionality, enabling users to monitor the temperature of their battery and motor. 

BMS Compatibility
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The battery temperature gauge has a range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, while the motor temperature gauge measures from 0 to 80 degrees Celsius. With a diameter of 85,725mm (3-3/8"), this gauge is compact and fits seamlessly into most vehicle dashboards. The integrated warning system provides timely alerts when temperatures approach critical levels, ensuring safe and efficient operation of the vehicle's electrical components.

Gauge Type: Dual
Signal Type: CAN-Bus (500kbps baud rate)
Combo Options: Battery Temp and Motor Temp
Range: 0-50C
Range: 0-80C
Size: 3 3/8 inch
Hole Size: 3.375” (86mm)
Standard or Metric: Metric
Battery Temp warning light turns on above 40C
Motor Temp warning light turns on above 70C

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