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EV Amp Gauge -200 to 1200 114mm (4-1/2")

FOR45- AM1

The EV Amp Gauge, is a versatile instrument designed specifically for electric vehicles. This amp gauge offers a wide measurement range, from -200 to 1200 amps, allowing precise monitoring of electrical currents.

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With a diameter of 114mm (4-1/2"), it is compact and fits seamlessly into most vehicle dashboards. The gauge provides accurate and real-time ampere readings, enabling drivers to keep a close eye on their vehicle's electrical performance. Whether you're monitoring power consumption or tracking battery charging rates, the EV Amp Gauge ensures that you have essential information at your fingertips for optimal control and efficiency.


Gauge Type: Amp
Signal Type: CAN-Bus (500 baud rate)
Range: -200 to 1200 amps
Size: 4 1/2 inch
Hole Size: 4.250“ (108mm)

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FOR45- AM1
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