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Power connector 2 ways set 1kV 250A Nominal 50mm2

HVSL1000062A150 / HVSL1000082A150 + HVSL1000022A150

This set is designed to provide reliable and efficient power connections for demanding electrical projects. With a rating of 1kV and a maximum current of 250A, these connectors can handle heavy-duty power requirements with ease. 

Connector angle
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The nominal conductor size of 50mm² ensures excellent conductivity and minimizes power loss. Made from top-grade materials, these connectors offer exceptional durability, guaranteeing long-lasting performance even in challenging environments. They are easy to install with a secure locking mechanism, ensuring a tight and stable connection.

Contact diameter: 10,0 mm
IP-class mated: IP69k
Termination: Crimp
High Voltage Interlock: Yes
Rated current(40 °C): 250A
Rated voltage: 1000V
Mating cycles: 50
Max. wire gauge: 50
Min. wire gauge: 50
Shielding: Yes

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HVSL1000062A150 / HVSL1000082A150 + HVSL1000022A150
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