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12S 25Ah VW GTE 1.1kWh 48V Battery Module

The VW GTE 1.1kWh Battery Module provides reliable power. With a capacity of 1086 Wh, it's stable and versatile, operating at 44.4V.

VW GTE-Module
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Technical specifications:
Nominal Capacity: 1086 Wh / 25Ah
Tested Capacity: 999Wh / 22.5Ah
Nominal Voltage: 44.4v
Max voltage: 50.4v
Min voltage: 36v
Max discharge rate (10 secs): 400a
Max discharge rate (3 secs) 500a
Length: 370mm
Width: 160mm
Height: 110mm
Weight: 8KG

VW GTE-Module
10 Items

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Question & Answer:

Q : Is a BMS installed in this battery module? Are there photos of the inside of the battery? Is there a circuit diagram? How much charging current can the battery handle? Is it a LiIon / Lipo or LiFePo4 battery?

Q : I am attempting a classic car EV conversion. The UQM Motor I have needs around 300v looking at the specification sheet. I am looking for a modular battery option to get me up to this voltage. these modules look like they could work well. can they be linked in series and parallel?

A: Hello, yes they can be linked in series and parallel. Thanks.

person George @EVShop