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75kWh Tesla Model 3 full battery pack long range

Used battery packs from a low mileage salvaged Tesla Model 3.

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75kWh Tesla Model 3 full battery pack long range


Nominal Voltage : 355 V
Fully Charged : 403 V
Fully Discharged : 288 V
Max Current (20s) : 1 150Amp
Max Current Continuous : 425A
Capacity : 77 kWh (217 Ah)

Battery Weight : 479 kg
Length : 218 cm
Width : 150 cm
Height : 33 cm

Note: Please be aware that the price is only available in EU. For Non EU countries please contact us via e-mail, as the shipping will be qouted independently. If you order via website, the order will not be proccesed.

1 Item

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Question & Answer:

Q : Do you know how much degradation the battery has?

A: Hello, It's depend on which application you need to use this battery pack. Please send your answer on office@evshop.eu. Thanks!

person George @EVShop

Q : What warranties do you provide for this pack?

A: Hello, we offer 1 year warranty if swapped in a authorized workshop. Thanks

person George @EVShop