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64kWh Nissan Battery Pack

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The Nissan 64 kWh Battery Pack is a high-capacity, efficient power source for electric vehicles

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Pack Capacity: 64 kWh
Connection Type: 96S2P
Battery Cell Material Type: NCM
Nominal Voltage: 355.2V
Unit cell Capacity: 180Ah
Charging Voltage: 403.2V
Discharging Cut-off Voltage: 260V
Standard Charging Current: 13.5A
Max. Charging Current: 540A
Standard Discharge Current: 270A
Max.Discharge Current: 67.5A
Cycle Life(>80%): ≧2000 @25℃
Weight: 366 kg

2 Items

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Question & Answer:

Q : Hello. Is it a new part or a used one ? If used, what is the SOH. Is there a warranty ?

A: Hello Is it new and in the container as shown so that it only needs to be installed under the Nissan Leaf. Thank you for the info Thomas Wolfrum

person Thomas Wolfrum