Tesla LDU Ready to run

Get your Tesla Model S's wide rear drive unit ready to run with the VCU of your choice, giving you control over your driving experience.

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Tesla Model S Large Drive Unit Ready to run
This kit includes the Tesla motor, inverter, gear box, power cables and drive shafts.

Get your Tesla Model S Large Drive Unit (LDU) ready to go with our customizable setup. Choose the options that best fit your needs and get on the road quickly.


Drive Units:
Base LDU: Great for everyday driving.
Sport LDU: For those who want more power and speed.

Vehicle Control Units (VCU):
OpenInverter: basic control.
T-2C: advanced control.
AEM Logic Board + VCU300: high-performance.
None: Use your own control system.

Drive Shafts:
Full Frame Included: complete assembly.
Only Drive Shafts: just the drive shafts.
None: No drive shafts included.

Why Choose This Setup?
Proven Tesla Technology: Reliable and efficient.
Customizable: Pick what you need for your project.

Choose your options and experience the performance and reliability of a Tesla Model S LDU.

Technical details:

Base LDU

Nominal Voltage: 346V
Input Voltage:240-404V
Max Current: 950 Amps
Peak Torque: 451.52 Nm
Peak Power: 449HP/335kW
Max Rotation Speed: 1,530 RPM

Sport LDU

Nominal Voltage: 346V
Input Voltage: 240-404V
Max Current: 1,150 Amps
Peak Torque: 602.48 Nm
Peak Power: 536HP/400kW
Max Rotation Speed: 1,535 RPM


Length: 87 cm
Width: 64 cm
Height: 31 cm
Weight: 134 kg

3 Items

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