Hyper9 HV or 9DHV 180V 88kW

This motor has an 8.66" diameter and weighs 120 lbs. The HyPer 9HV ™ is a higher voltage version of our already impressive HyPer 9 ™ Motor.

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Type: single or dual shaft?: Single Shaft Motor - 1.125" keyed Drive End Shaft, No Encoder end Shaft
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Hyper 9 HV or 9DHV 180V 88kW

SRIPM Motor wound for optimal performance with 144V input.

This is a Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet motor which produces 163 lb/ft peak torque. This industry leading technology combines highly efficient and cost effective Synchronous Reluctance design with the torque producing forces of Permanent Magnets.


Single or Double ended Shaft
In case of Dual Shaft Motors, the Encoder End shaft and bolt pattern match the Commutator End of WarP 9 ™ Motors
Brushless Motor
Cageless Rotor - Higher Efficiency, No Rotor Heat
No Rotor Slip
Up 8,000 RPM
Up to 95% Efficiency
Up to 50% higher torque than similar sized AC Induction motors running at the same power levels
Astounding performance in field weakening area with +50% power up to 5 times nominal speed
IP54 Protection
Robust and Reliable

10 Items