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Tesla Model 3 Drive Unit with controller

Tesla Model 3 Rear Drive Unit Ready with controller and display

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Tesla Model 3 Drive Unit with controller

This kit includes the Tesla motor, inverter, gear box, power cables and drive shafts.

Length: 66 cm
Width: 64 cm
Height: 31 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Input Voltage: 200 - 450 V
Up to 220kW !

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10 Items

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Question & Answer:

Q : My name is Cesar Hi, I would like to know what condition this engine is in. If it is from scrapyard or it is semi new, if it had use, etc.

A: Our Model 3 drive unit are from salvage cars, they are tested and most of them don't need to be refurbished. All the Model S LDU and SDU are refurbished (bearings and sealings)

person Marc @Evshop

Q : I would like to realise a EV-Conversion project using you tesla Model 3 engine. Power max should be ca. 185kw, capacity ca 25-30kwh. Which batterie modules to use best: - 4 x LG-Chem PowerBlock-24S-86-10 Or - 6 x LG-Chem PowerBlock-12S-6.85 VW ID3 ?

A: Hello, please check our conversion kit configurator, will suit all your need. Is step by step. https://evshop.eu/en/conversion-kits/22-400v-performance-ev-conversion-kit.html

person George @EVShop