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Hyper9 direct coupling


Direct coupling for Hyper 9



This set contains :
One half coupling for Hyper 9 axle, one coupling to adapt to you axle or gearbox and one elastic part

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Reference: 30-8300

Brand: AEM EV

AEM PDU-8 CAN Bus Eight Channel Power Distribution Unit

The AEM EV PDU-8 is an affordable solution for controlling switched devices like cooling fans, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, windshield wipers, etc., on EV street-conversion and motorsports vehicles. Eight PDU-8s can be connected on the CAN bus for a total of 64 available channels. The ability to connect up to eight PDU-8s on the same CAN bus...

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Reference: OG4kWh3kVA

Off-Grid survival kit 4kWh 3kVA

Full OffGrid kit !Zombie Apocalypse, Pandemic, don t worry with this kit you won t run out of electricity !With a continuous output power of 3 000 W and a storage capacity of 4 kWh, this kit will produce and provide enough energy for a small house, mobile home, boat, etc...

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Reference: SimpBMS

SIMP BMS (Battery Management System)

Battery Management System (BMS) Features An interface that can function as a monitoring and / or control solution for Yuasa LEV40-8 modules and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV packages, BMW i3, VW E-Golf and GTE modules, and Tesla Model S / X (see manual for know the features available with these modules).

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Reference: HK-H-H66-25

TC Charger 1.6KW CAN, 48V (18-66V) - 25A

TC charger HK-H-H66-25 1.2KW is designed for electric vehicle LiFePO4/lithium and battery management system interface. It's a charger with high efficiency, high stability, small size, small volume and high protection grade(IP67). Connectors included.

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