AEM PDU-8 CAN Bus Eight Channel Power Distribution Unit

The AEM EV PDU-8 is an affordable solution for controlling switched devices like cooling fans, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, windshield wipers, etc., on EV street-conversion and motorsports vehicles. Eight PDU-8s can be connected on the CAN bus for a total of 64 available channels. The ability to connect up to eight PDU-8s on the same CAN bus network lets users mount the individual PDUs closer to the subsystems they are controlling, which simplifies wiring, reduces weight and increases reliability.

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AEM PDU-8 CAN Bus Eight Channel Power Distribution Unit
Our 8-Channel Power Distribution Unit provides CAN-directed switched power to the various systems on an EV by receiving its commands directly from a Vehicle Control Unit like our VCU200 or VCU300 or other VCU with CAN transmission capability, eliminating the need to create complicated logic programming in the PDU. This makes them easy to configure, easy to troubleshoot and negates the need to have dedicated spares for motorsports electric vehicles since they can be used interchangeably. 


Four 20A and four 10A high-side 12V outputs for activating/deactivating various switched devices
Connect up to eight units for a total of 64 channels
Smaller modules allow for multiple units to be deployed nearer the systems they control, simplifying wiring and reducing weight
CAN-commanded PDU, no logic programming required for PDU operation
PDU ID is defined by wiring at the connector, allowing units to be fully interchangeable
Small size and lightweight (103x67x33mm/4.05x2.70x1.5”, 190g/6.7oz/0.42lbs.)
Individual channel current draw and fault states are reported back to the VCU
Fully-sealed, waterproof billet-aluminum enclosure

9 Items

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