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Reference: AEM-30-8300

Brand: AEM EV

AEM PDU-8 CAN Bus Eight Channel Power Distribution Unit

The AEM EV PDU-8 is an affordable solution for controlling switched devices like cooling fans, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, windshield wipers, etc., on EV street-conversion and motorsports vehicles. Eight PDU-8s can be connected on the CAN bus for a total of 64 available channels. The ability to connect up to eight PDU-8s on the same CAN bus...

Price €999

Reference: AEM-30-2226

Brand: AEM EV

AEM 6 Channel CAN Sensor Module

The 6 Channel CAN Sensor Module includes two 0-5v analog inputs, two temp inputs, RPM input, and fuel level input. The enclosure is IP67-rated and the unit is dustproof/water-resistant. A 12-Pin DTM-style connector and pins are included

Price €148

Reference: AEM-30-2206

Brand: AEM EV

AEM Vehicle Dynamics Module

The AEM Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM) is a compact unit that sends ground speed, heading, altitude, G-loads, roll, pitch and yaw to CD Carbon Digital Dashes independent of an EV CAN bus network.Product is no longer manufactured.

Price €367
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