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50mm² orange shielded cable


50mm² shielded orange cable

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General Properties:

Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, ozone and weathering resistance, resistant to pressure at hightemperature, motor oil, fuels and hydrolysis, flame retardant, high abrasion resistant, solder iron resistant, easy to strip and process, according to ISO 6722 class D, LV 112, ISO 14572, LV 212, DIN 76722.

Complies with EU--directive 2000/53/EG on end of life vehicles. It is free from lead, mercury, cadmium and chrome VI.


Low voltage cable, for use in road vehicle applications.

CAUTION Special care shall be taken for cables used with voltages above 60 VDC to protect them from mechanical stress in order to avoid shock hazard (ISO 6722 : 2006).

Technical Data:

Conductor resistance at 20 °C  < 0.368  Ω / km

Voltage rating cond.--earth  U0 600  V AC

Voltage rating cond.--cond. U  1’000  V AC

maximum permissible Voltage rating AC cond.--earth  720  V AC

maximum permissible Voltage rating AC cond.--cond. Um 1’200  V AC

maximum permissible Voltage rating DC cond.--earth V0  900 V DC

maximum permissible Voltage rating DC cond.--cond. 1’500  V DC

Test voltage, 50 Hz, 1 min. 3.5 kV AC

8.4 kV DC


f = 10 kHz  ≤ 3 mΩ/m

f = 1 MHz ≤ 3  mΩ/m

f = 10 MHz ≤ 7 mΩ/m

f = 100 MHz  ≤ 66  mΩ/m

Screening attenuation

f = 10 kHz  ≥ 86 dB

f = 1 MHz ≥ 86  dB

f = 10 MHz  ≥ 79 dB

f = 100 MHz ≥ 59  dB

Temperature range (3’000 h) -- 40  + 150  °C

Min. bending radius fixed 4 x cable D

flexing 6 x cable D

Cable weight per 100 m  approx. 63.7  kg

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