AC Compressor 144V (120-177DC)

Very efficient and reliable solution for an EV Air Conditioning system. Very low consumption < 1kWh for an M1 vehicle.

Operating voltage range: 120-177VDC

Connectors included.

PWM 120-177V
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AC Compressor 144V (120-177DC)


Refrigerant capacity @ 3000rpm: 1.38kW / 4700Btu/h
Input power 0.74kW
Current 8A
Refrigerant capacity @ 4000rpm 1.89kW / 6400Btu/h
Input power 0.98kW
Current 10A
Refrigerant capacity @ 6000rpm 2.98kW / 9900Btu/h
Input power 1.56kW
Current 16A
Test condition Pd/Pg=1.47/0.196 Mpa(G) SC=5*C SH=10*C

Usable range:

Evaporated temperature -11*C to +21*C
Condenser temperature +25*C to +75*C
Compression ratio   8.0 Max
Refrigerant   R134a
Start temperature -32*C to +70*C
Working temperature -32*C to +100*C
Storing temperature -40*C to +105*C

Compressor parameter:

Discharge capacity  18.00 cc/rev
Weight  5.3kg
Oil charge  100cc PVE oil
Refrigerant capacity  650cc
Rotated speed rang  1800 - 6000 rpm
Safety valve pressure  4.0 Mpa
Cover protection valve  IP67
Motor coil temperature  120*C Max
Discharge temperature  115*C Max

Motor parameter:

Motor type PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor)
Rated torque 2.3Nm
Max torque refer to diagram

Drive parameter:

Max power 2000W
Working frequency 30-120Hz
Over heating protection 100*C
Low voltage protection 120V
Overvoltage protrection 177V
Soft hardware overload Yes
Control method PWM
PWM 120-177V


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