DC-DC Converter TDC-IY-144-12

This DC-to-DC converter supplies 14V power for low-voltage applications in electric vehicles. It manages the charging process of the 12V battery automatically and provides power to the 12-volt system in the electric vehicle conversion. This charger features an IP67 rating and vibration and temperature resistance, making it a great fit for all manner of EV conversions and builds.

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The 1000W IP67 Sealed DC-DC Converter can be connected in parallel, however, the output wires should be separate all the way to the battery or load, and be the same lengths. DO NOT join the 'big' output negative and positive together and then run a thick 2 AWG cable to the load. Instead, run two separate sets of smaller 6 AWG cables to the load, and the output currents should stay pretty close to equal.

Input Specifications:
Nominal Current: 7.5A
Max Current: 12A
Input voltage range: DC 103-227V
Input Undervoltage Protection: 95V
Input Overvoltage Protection: 215V
Start-up Time: 0.5s @ VIN = 144V

Output Specifications:
Nominal Output Voltage: 14V
Nominal Output Current: 72A
Nominal Power: 1000W
Efficiency: 94%

Signal Specifications:
12V Enable Voltage: 6-30V
12V Enable Current: 1mA

Other Specifications:
Protection Class: IP67
Operating Temperature: -40℃~ +65℃ (- 40℉ to+149℉)
Storage Temperature: -55℃~ +85℃ (- 48℉ to+149℉)
Overtemperature Protection: Decrease power when interior temperature arrives at 85 centigrade, shut off when temperature arrives at 90℃ (194℉), auto self-recovery when temperature decreases.

4 Items

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