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The EVS product range is developed by Engovis Limited and represents an evolution of the SimpBMS.

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EVS-BMS are fully compatible, including balancing, with the following OEM batteries:

VW E-Golf
VW ID3 and ID4 (MEB) 12S and 8S modules
BMW Hybrid - gen 1 (9 kWh) and gen 2 (12 kWh)
Mitsubishi Outlander
Chevy Volt - gen 1
Tesla Model S/X

NOTE:  Tesla Plaid & Tesla Model 3 modules not supported.

EVS products comes in a sealed IP67 automotive enclosure with an associated locking connector.

EVS-BMS Features

Controlling 12 V contactors, economised or un-economised
Two configurable CAN busses
OBD2 interface - compatibility with apps including Torque Pro
Configuration over CAN bus using dedicated adapter and software
Safety/HVIL loop monitoring
Temperature controlled output

The EVS products are designed to operate in a 12 V automotive environment.

All inputs have reverse voltage and overvoltage protection
12 V outputs are current limited to 1.5A continuous, 10 A inrush
Low side outputs have a flyback diode incorporated to allow PWM control of a coil
5 V supply is limited to 500 mA

EVS-BMS Live Data - ODB2

All data generated by the EVS products are available via CAN bus utilising the ODB2 protocol. All PID information will be shared in product manuals.

Including Connector and Pins

The EVS product range is developed by Engovis Limited (previously SimpEco Engineering Ltd) and represents an evolution of the SimpBMS.
– Knowledge of EV batteries, automotive wiring and computers are needed
– Recommended additional purchase: EVS-CAT (CAN Adapter Tool) a setup interface needed for CAN parameter setup
– This is not a plug and play system and the purchaser of this product is responsible for installing the system


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Question & Answer:

Q : Why is EVS BMS not available?

A: Hello, this BMS is no longer available, because is no longer manufactured. We have other options for this BMS, please look at Orion 2 BMS. Thanks.

person George @EVShop