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144V 88kW EV Conversion Kit with Tesla modules


State of the art electric vehicle conversion kit.

Qty of Tesla Model S (85) battery modules
Charger Power (options)
Type: single or dual shaft?
Throttle (options)
Delivered within 3-14 days



Controller & Electric Motor :
1 x 180V(max) 88kW NetGain HyPer9 AC Motor and X144 Controller Kit including main wireness,chill plate and programing cable.

Charger :
3,3kW TCCharger HK-J-H132-23
or 6.6kW TCCharger HK-J-H132-46

DC-DC converter for 12V auxiliary battery :
1,5kW TCCharger TDC-144-12

Cabin heater : 
PTC heater + mountings

Charging inlet :
1 x Type 2 Mennekes EV socket + electronic lock and LED SOC meter

1 x Orion 2 for 36 cells (for 6 x Tesla Model S modules)
or 1 x Orion 2 for 48 cells (only 42 connected, for 7 x Tesla Model S modules)

Power relays :
1 x Gigavac GV200MA (no economizer)

Maintenance switch :
1 x Gigavac HBD41AA 1000V 400A

Power Cables :
10 meters x 50sqmm shielded orange cable,
3 metres x 35sqmm shielded orange cable,
10 metres x 6sqmm shielded orange cable,
10 metres x 4sqmm shielded orange cable,
1 meter x busbar 30*2mm
Terminal rings


Electronic shift KNOB D-N-R

Fuses and holders :
Main Fuse Ferraz A15Q5600

Main Fuse holder 1SC375

Fuse holder 10 x 3,8 – 3pc.

Little Fuse 30A – heater

Little Fuse 10A – DC/DC convertor

Little Fuse 30A (charger 3,3 kW) or Little Fuse 63A (charger 6,6 kW)


Batteries :
6 x Model S Tesla modules, with BMS replacing boards, Vmax 150V and total capacity 31 kWh
7 x Model S Tesla modules, with BMS replacing boards, Vmax 175V and total capacity 37 kWh

5 x VW ID 3 34 kWh

6 X VW ID 3 41 kWh

On request:

Vacuump pump: 
1 x MES 90600 TYPE 70/6E-2 + vacuum switch and power relay – 218.00 Euro


1 x Netgain/SME compact display – 159.00 Euro

* Please check with us for all parts availability before placing the order. In this way we can discuss your project and make appropriate adjustments related to what parts are to be included in the kit specifically for your case.

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