Tesla Small Drive unit modified

This is the perfect solution for a rear axle transmission, boat and all kind of applications

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Tesla Small Drive unit modified

This is a Tesla model S front drive unit modified, motor and inverter separated

Weight: 63 kg (motor) + 12 kg (inverter)
Max speed: 18 000 RPM
Transmission: 2.51:1
Voltage Range: 200-400 Volts DC
Max Current: 650 Amps DC
Max Power: 220 kW (300 Hp)
Max Torque: 330 Nm
Control solution: Open inverter Logic board
Inverter cooling: External water cooling system
Motor/transmission: External oil pump (Mocal 12V on request)
Shaft max speed: 7 200 RPM

Can be sold with command panel pre-wired including :
Main relay Gigavac GV200MA
Pre-charge resistor and pre-charge relay
BMW throttle

9 Items

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Question & Answer:

Q : Can you provide some more detail on the mounting and dimensions of this unit? It looks like it could be used as a direct transaxle mount but difficult to determine from the sparse information

Q : Can the Motor be controlled by the CAN Bus. Is there a CAN protocol available?

A: Hello, yes motor can be controlled via CAN, check the openinverter webpage. Thanks.

person George @EVShop

Q : Does it come with the instructions?

A: Instructions are available on request.

person Marc @Evshop

Q : Does this motor have an open inverter logic board installed?

A: It comes with Open Inverter lastest logic board.

person Marc @Evshop