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EVSE Interface J1772


The EVSE Interface allows you to charge your EV from standard AC (L1 and L2) charging stations using the SAE J1772 standard. It works with both Type 1 connectors (USA, Japan, etc) and Type 2 (Europe, Australia, etc).

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It can be used in any application where its Charge Enable output is set up to turn on the vehicle’s onboard charger, normally via a BMS to handle over-voltage protection.

A maximum charger power of 13.3kW per phase is supported, but a recommended charger is the 6.6kW TC HK series, or other brands using TC’s CAN protocol (Elcon, Ovartech, Greatway). Type 2 connectors support three phase charging which allows you to use 3x 6.6kW chargers for a 20kW charge rate, but note that 3-phase charging is not supported by all charging stations.

Installation is quite simple, with just two wires from the charging connector to the EVSE Interface (Pilot and Prox), a Charge Sense wire from the EVSE Interface to the EVMS, and optionally two wires for CAN bus between the EVSE Interface and EVMS. There is also an LED output which can be used to wire a remote LED in the charge door, which will flash while charging, or stay on once charging is complete (if EVMS CAN bus integration is set up).

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