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Vacuum pump MES 70/6E2 (used)

MES 70/6E2

The 70 / 6E2 pump shown here is manufactured specifically for electric vehicles by MES Switzerland. The 70 / 6E2 has very low levels of noise and acoustic vibration and barely noticed during operation. The vacuum is controlled by an integrated control circuit consisting of a vacuum sensor and a solid-state vacuum switch. The 70 / 6E2 has an absolute pressure switch and will keep the preset vacuum level cycle on and off by itself between -600 mbar (17.7 ″ Hg) and -650 mbar (19.2 ″ Hg).

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The power required is 12…15 volts DC directly supplied to the pump all the time, no external switches needed. The vacuum level and hysteresis are not user adjustable and are set at the factory to restore the standard vacuum level regular vacuum assisted power brakes in conventional vehicles are designed for. These pumps also will easily replace the vacuum source in regular vehicles if their stock vacuum pump or intake system no longer function. The vacuum booster tank will decrease frequency of on and off cycling, but is not required for proper operation and will not affect wear or life time of the pump. Without tank the pump will likely pump down every time the brakes are actuated, but there is no impact on the brake operation. Optional mating connector included. 1 year warranty.

12 VDC nom.
< 5 A
< 6 sec
-0.65 bar
0.05 bar
< 58 dBA
190 mm x 190 mm x 118 mm
1.4 kg
Integrated absolute pressure vacuum switch; switch bypass diagnostic mode
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MES 70/6E2
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