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Conversion kit based on Leaf motor + controller


400V conversion kit.

Surely the cheapest kit with excellent performance for everyday use

Charger Power (options)
Vacuum booster (options)
Throttle (options)
Battery (options):
Delivered within 3-14 days



Choose your option

Controller & Motor:

  • Nissan Leaf Gen 2
  • motor + controller + VCU and pre charge


Choose your option

  • DC-DC converter for auxiliary 12V:
  • 1,5kW TCCharger TDC-320-12

Vacuum pump (option):

  • Hella UP28 + vacuum sensor and relay

Cabin heating:

  • PTC heater + supports


Charging socket:

  • 1 x Type 2 Mennekes EV + electronic lock and LED SOC meter


  • 1 x Orion 2 for 96 cells with wiring, 500A current sensor and 8 thermistors

 Power relay:

  • 1 x Gigavac GV200MA

 Maintenance switch:

  • 1 x Gigavac HBD41AA 1000V 400A

 Power cables:

  • 10 meters x 50sqmm shielded orange,
  • 10 meters x 6sqmm shielded orange,
  • 10 meters x 4sqmm shielded orange,
  • 2 meter x busbar 30 * 2mm
  • Terminal rings

Fuses and fuse holders:

  • Fuses and fuse holders for DCDC converter, charger and PTC heater

* Please check with us for all parts availability before placing the order. In this way we can discuss your project and make appropriate adjustments related to what parts are to be included in the kit specifically for your case.

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