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64kWh Nissan pacco batteria

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Il pacco batterie Nissan da 64 kWh è una fonte di energia efficiente ed ad alta capacità per i veicoli elettrici

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Specifiche :

Capacità del pacco: 64 kWh
Tipo di connessione: 96S2P
Tipo di materiale della cella della batteria: NCM
Voltaggio nominale: 355,2 V
Capacità della cella unitaria: 180 Ah
Tensione di carica: 403,2 V
Tensione di interruzione di scarica: 260 V
Corrente di carica standard: 13,5 A
Massimo. Corrente di carica: 540 A
Corrente di scarica standard: 270 A
Corrente di scarica massima: 67,5 A
Ciclo di vita (>80%): ≧2000 @25℃
Peso: 366 chilogrammi

2 Articoli

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Question & Answer:

Q : I have a leaf 1 , can it be installed ? Thanks

A: Hello, I have sent an email. Thank you!

person George @EVShop

Q : Hello. Does it fit to leaf with 40kw baterry which now has isolation problem? Is this new item? Do you receive old batery? Shipping to Croatia? Thanks, Davor.

A: Hello, I have sent an email. Thank you!

person George @EVShop

Q : Je suis intéressé par ce pack de 64 kwh. Mais actuellement je dispose d´une leaf de 40kwh. Est-ce possible de monter ce pack dessus ? Y a-t-il une procédure de montage ? J´ai vu que vous avez aussi des packs de 24kwh. Même question.

A: Bonjour, j'ai envoyé un email. Merci!

person George @EVShop

Q : hello. what nissan vehicle is this from. Will it fit a leaf? what is state of health % and how much for postage to Ireland? thanks

A: Hello, you will receive an email from us with the answers to your questions. Thanks!

person George @EVShop

Q : Hello! I am interested in the Nissan 64 kwh battery pack. Is it suitable for a Nissan Leaf? What is the State of Health of that pack? Is it used? How much would shipping to Germany cost? Thanks in advance. Best regards Fritz Buchholz Thielenstr.15 50825 Köln

A: Hello, I have sent email regarding your questions. Thanks!

person George @EVShop